Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Lets get this blog up to date

I know I'm a bit ahead of schedule, but it's just so exciting!

So far this season has been rather turbulent to say the least. In the pre-season Rovers were linked with just about every man on earth taller than 6'2" and every other striker in the game. Then there were about 500 possible new owners, of which half were mentioned by name and each one richer and more exciting than the other. The friendly games were a bit shaky and after a very promising start to the EPL, we're now 17th in the league and some fans are already screaming for Big Sam's head.

First off, let's take a look at the linked players that actually made it to Ewood Park - Benjani... (do let me know if I missed anyone). We were linked with so many strikers, that after a while, I just stopped listening to the transfer talk altogether. Out of all the players that were linked, I only remember a handful and most of them I only remember because I didn't like 'em. The only striker I was really excited about, was a crying North Korean called Jong Tae-se. Rumor even had it, that he had been at Brockhall. He had a work rate unlike anyone else at the WC (hihi) and on top of that he had bags of skills. Then there were the likes of Jò, Benjani, two fellows playing for Portsmouth, Marc Janko, Zigic and even Matt Derbyshire who Big Sam had sold just twelve months earlier. The list goes on for miles, but basically I didn't care all that much. OK, I'll admit I was a little excited about having Matty back, but then again we got... oh, that's right we got Benjani who I have never held in any high regards. Then we got Mame Biram Diouf on loan, which might not be that bad, when considering he's our leading goalscorer after playing a couple of games and a few of days ago we signed French midfielder Herold Goulon.

Following the insane number of linked players, were all the bidders for our beloved club. I distinctly remember a Blackburn fan who was interested about a year ago, but after that there have been a gazillion Asian based groups, looking to get their hands on our club. First, I think, was some unknown Indian whose name escapes me at the moment, then there was self proclaimed billionaire Ahsan Ali Syed, then some Australian groups and now, in what looks more and more like our new owners, Indian based chicken company V.H. Group together with football media giant Kentaro. The deal is even said to be closed within 10 days, but more on that note tomorrow.

The friendlies offered little optimism to the fans, with four wins, two draws and four losses. However, Rovers were on a three match unbeaten run, when the first game of the EPL started on the 14th of August at 15:00. Big Sam emerged as victor, but Rovers were given little credit, as Everton were missing some midfield Spaniard I think. That was followed by a rather dubious loss against Birmingham, a win against Norwich and a loss against Arsenal. A draw against high flying Man City meant that the sky was the limit amongst some fans. However it has all gone down hill from there, with the only victory in two months being against Blackpool. The last time our Rovers put on the shirts, they were swiped of the field, by a nervous, lackluster Liverpool side. The next few games are against Chelsea, Wigan, Newcastle, Tottenham, Villa and Man Utd, which realistically can only give us about four points.

Now I know that reading this, you might get the impression that I want Big Sam out sooner rather than later, but nothing could be further from the truth. If anyone knows how to grind out results on scarce resources it's Big Sam. Although boring and over mathematical in his approach, he is the right man for job. Let's wait and see what he does with money between his fingers and what he will spend it on and then let's judge him. Although he has been in the papers today, stating that there will be no spending in January, I firmly believe that we will see one or three players coming and going. If there's anything that we know Big Sam is good at, besides the grinding thing, it's manipulating both the press, other clubs and players. I am convinced that this is nothing but an attempt to cover up the fact that he already has his targets earmarked.

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