Sunday, 31 October 2010

18, living with mum and dad and bashing Chelsea for a living

Less than a year ago, Phil Jones made his EPL debut against none other than Chelsea FC, helping Rovers to a 1-1 draw and almost destroying Chelsea's title run. Today, just 10 months on, he is a regular starter in the blue and white halves and personally I have never seen him play a bad game. He's known by Rovers fans as the future of England and has already earned rave praises from no other than Alan 'there are only four good teams in England/anti-rover' Hansen!

From time to time in my 23 years of living, I have thought to myself, why oh why didn't I work harder in practice as a kid? But today I think even the neighbors heard me thinking that! There I see this modest 18 year old kid, running around like a lunatic, throwing himself at every possible tackle and winning most of them. Now I'm not saying that I'm unhappy with where life has taken me, but bloody hell!

People have been talking about him being a defender and that he shouldn't be in midfield, but today he really put those comments to the ground. His tackles were the usual impeccable tackles, his passing was good and his movement spotless. What more can we ask for? Yes we have some other, more experienced players, who are primarily midfielders, but he's been good so far this season and today he was just awesome! He did get some great help from Emerton and the others, but he fully deserved his MOM from the sponsor, though it could easily have gone to one of the others like Benjani, Mame, Samba or even Emo.

Like so many others have said previously, the boy is fantastic and unless he really really wants to become a second Ronnie Clayton, he can easily end up at teams like Barca or Real, though that would obviously be a step in the wrong direction.

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