Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Here we go!

As this is my first blog dedicated purely to Blackburn Rovers, I would like start by to telling you about my relationship with the greatest club on Earth.

At the happy/ignorant age of seven, I learned that there was a thing called the Premier League. Like in most other countries, all my friends started following the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool and Newcastle. I just followed my closest friend and called myself a Man Utd fan. However, I never felt a real connection with the Red Devils, so naturally I didn't care all that much if they won or lost.

When I was nine-years-young, some random boy had started a Fareose Blackburn "fan club" and in exchange for 100 DKr/month (around £10), I got a thin newsletter. For an entire year, it was mainly about Per Frandsen, as he is Danish and us being Faroese, are proud of those Danes who make it in international football.

After two years of meaningless "newsletters", the so called fan club was terminated, due to lack of interest. I, however, continued to follow The Pride of Lancashire and will to my dying day! There's only one thing that I know I will be true to to my dying day and that's Blackburn Rovers Football Club!

Like most other fans, I have my favorite players and managers. But since I only started following Rovers in 96-97, my favorites aren't the same as the usual fans of my age.
My favorite players are in a tie - Matt Jansen and Colin Hendry. The skills of Jansen and the work rate and no-bullshit approach of Hendry, resemble everything that I want in my team. Though I must say that Savage, Friedel and (drumroll) Mokoena, are right up there as well. My favorite manager is Graeme Souness. Although the team was utter rubbish when he left, he got us back to the EPL, won us our most recent trophy and brought in players such as Tugay, Friedel and Gamst.

And with this, I leave you for today and will return tomorrow, with my take on the action in the recent weeks and the proposed V. H. Group/Kentaro takeover.


  1. Hey Writer! What happened to your old blog? This is looks pretty neat!

  2. Hey Mikey! I don't know really, I had a lot of things to write about, but joined The Daily Rover so it just faded away. Now The Daily Rover has gone quiet and I don't want to waste my time on something that others only run half-heartedly.... Thanks, I'm inspired by the best ;)

  3. Its all about Vital and the Wild matey (and of course your blue and white as well!) ;)

  4. Hahahaha! As long as someone can be bothered to read it, I'm happy :p