Thursday, 28 October 2010

From 10th to fourth, from £5 mill to what is needed

Over the last couple of days we have been (over)fed, with reports of low budgets and no ambition. A £5 million war chest and a 10th - 12th target. In an exclusive interview with the LET though, which I encourage everyone to read by the way (link is at the bottom of the page), Venky's chairwoman Anuradha Desai put all the speculation to rest.

While reading it there were some ups and downs, some cheers and jeers and afterwards it I felt a bit restless about the whole thing. However after a bit of chewing and digesting, I feel 100% sure. This is the right move for Rovers, unless of course as Mikey Delap said in his blog today, "They could be the biggest con artists in the world."

I know a lot of fans will be worried by statements like, we are buying the club to raise people's awareness of Venky's (not in those exact words, but you know what I mean) and we will not be pumping in money, but rather let the investment grow on it's own strengths (again not in those exact words) and this is a business investment. I must admit that I was a bit worried too, but then I thought, with my impeccable business mind, "those are all positives, right?" The conclusion after arguing with myself for about four hours is (drum-roll): I was right!

Here are some reasons why:
Awareness: Who had ever heard of Roman Abramovich before he bought Chelsea? Now people all over the world know him, although mostly it's for ruining football, but who cares! If or when Blackburn regain the tag as one of the big teams, everyone with a slight interest in EPL football will know the name Venky's. It will even serve as a motivator to the new owners to make sure that Blackburn will be a top side, without overspending and therefor jeopardizing the whole operation, for years to come.

Grow on its on strengths: The strengths might not be that obvious right away, but let it sink in for while. The biggest strength, in my opinion, is the fact that Rovers have an average attendance of some 25,000, income from merchandise is very limited and we are among the worst sponsored teams in the league. However Blackburn are one of the least debt ridden clubs in the league and have been able to attract players like Santa Cruz, Robbo, Diouf and Hoilett and Kalinic who certainly weren't short of options.
We already have a pretty good and stable youth system, which is home to some very exiting prospects at the moment. Add to that the young team we have at the moment and the expertise from the alleged 'partner in crime' Kentaro and we have a pretty solid source of income.
Then there is the fact that Rovers are relatively unknown in the big bad world. I'm sorry to say it, but that's the truth. However I'm sure that it will work in our favor, as it means that there is an enormous amount of people that we potentially can 'brainwash'.

Investment: If you were to buy a company, any company, you would look for a company with a potential for growth, one that isn't too expensive, has a good management and isn't in need of major investment. I bring you Blackburn Rovers. It could just as well have been Stoke, Blackpool or some other club, but Blackburn is the only one with recent success. If they were to buy a club like Liverpool or Man Utd, who are ridiculously expensive, debt ridden beyond imagination and limited regarding growth, as they are already known throughout the entire world.

Or you could just be a 'day trader' and buy Pompey.

Over and and out.


  1. Good read buddy! Some really well made points as well! And I see I got a mention as well?!

  2. Thank you! Well you beat me to it, so I thought I should give you a mention ;)