Saturday, 27 November 2010

Match performances

Let's just get straight to it! It's the usual 10 being the best 0 the worst.

Robbo - 4  - got some saves, one or two were fantastic, but was let down by the defense!

Salgado - 6 - one of three players who gave a damn!

Nelly - 3 - he tried, but that was just too many goals

Samba - 3 - why? One goal can't make up for that horror show!

Chimbonda - 1 - Absolutely outrageously awful, but gets a 1 for showing up.

Jones - 6 - He gave his all, but was let down by his team mates.

Emo - 4 - nothing wrong nothing right.

Dunn - 2 - too slow, too heavy and was just too lazy and just an all round awful performance!

Goulon - 4 - was the victim of a panic subbing, but didn't impress while he was on...

Diouf - 4 - gave too many passes away.

Roberts - 3 - was he there? I didn't notice him, but since he was on the starting sheet, I guess he must get a grade...

Hoilett - 5 - pace, skills and tried to get forward, but nothing really payed off...

Morris - 8 - a fine debut... a definite player for the future. some good crosses and a fine assist! Should absolutely get more time on the field!

Linganzi - 5 - no one deserves a debut like that, but he didn't really show up in the same way as morris did.

To sum it up - I honestly think that if I were a United fan, I would have left early! That's how horrible we were!! But let's end it in a positive way - I can only get better...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

1.15 billion Rovers!

This has been a long time in the making, but a dear friend of mine died recently and I haven't really been in the mood for anything. But as they say, life goes on and Blackburn Rovers are thundering forward!

We are now on Indian hands and Big Sam can begin doing what he does so incredibly well - buying the right players! But just how might the takeover affect us, the fans, as Venky's will be trimming and optimizing Rovers in a reach for longterm success?

One of the things that I, as a Rover, am very proud of, is the "family club" tag. It is in fact one of the things that I am most proud of. Being a part of something so small, that has achieved such tremendous success, is very special to me. But will this all change in the next couple of years? Will the prices be reaching new highs, or will the Rao's settle for renaming Ewood instead changing the ticket policies, as people are raging about?

Personally I hold Ewood Park as something of a treasure, although I have never been there. It is among those things on my so called "bucket list", which has been drastically updated of late. Like so many other Rovers, the thought of going to a home game at Cadbury's Fun Park, or what ever it might be, is unbearable. However, I really do think that this whole debate has been blow WAY out of proportion! A very basic question from a reporter (will you be looking at the possibility of changing the stadium's name, to increase the income?), was answered in a direct way (It's something that we might have to look into). This has been turned into: we will be changing the name to whatever brings in most money. To me it's not much more than the same usual lazy journalism, that we associate with Rovers.

Although there are stadiums that have ridiculous names, there are some sponsored stadiums that haven't hurt the club in any way - Newcastle's Sports @ St. James's Park - being the prime example. If that were to be the case for our beloved Ewood Park, I say go for it! That way we could change the name at any given time, to the highest bidder. Sound plan me thinks!

The headline: 1.15 billion Indians! What a huge potential for growth!

Over and out

Monday, 15 November 2010

There were positives after all

I won't be jumping on board the bandwagon with all the endless rants today, although our beloved players did cost me some hard earned £10. Yes I did put my money on a 2-0 victory for Rovers, but I'm not too upset by the game, as Spurs aren't amongst the teams that we should demand three points from. Even though we at times looked like the Faroese national team, there were some positives that I think will be more important for us in the long run than three points.

Positive number one: Junior Hoilett. He was a real menace - again! His blistering pace and obvious skills were there for everyone to see, as he took on their defenders and beat them on several occasions. If only Sam can get his final touch just a wee bit better, he will be banging in goals and assists in bucket loads. He does lack a bit of footballing intelligence, but that will only increase as he gets older and gets a couple of games under his belt.

Number two: Nikola Kalinic. He must have been doing something right in training, as he looked really good and full of confidence again. He worked his ass off, held up the ball well, got himself into a great position to score, but just lost his balance as was pushed by both Gallas and Kaboul (it think it was). I still back him to become a key player for us in the near future.

Three: David Dunn and El-Hadji Diouf. After Diouf came on for Salgado, we looked a bit better, both at the back and in the front. When Dunn was brought on, no one could say that we weren't a creative force going forward. The flair was there and, ultimately, so were the goals.

Four: Phil Jones. Yes I know that he had his worst game so far and that he almost gave that Russian a goal, but every young player as good as him, has to be reminded from time to time that they are not unbeatable. He too can make mistakes. I truly believe that he will work even harder to make sure that it won't happen again and since it didn't cost us a goal, it can only be classed a plus.

Five: Three balls were swiped off their line. We could so easily have scored five goals, if just luck was on our side and that is something that we don't see too often nowadays.

Six: Robbo. I don't think I have to explain that one.

So all in all, I'm not too beat up about the game, as I think there were plenty of positives to build on and I feel fully confident that we will be adding points to our tally against Villa and United.

Over and out

Friday, 12 November 2010

Half a team vs. (almost) a full team

No it won't be a game of 5 vs 10, but today before I was going to put my bet on tomorrow's game, I stumbled across a rather interesting article in the Guardian, titled Tottenham's preparation's for Blackburn hit by injury crisis. I'll tell you, my face lit up like a Christmas tree!

First let's take a look at the ones who won't be entering the field in the blue and white: Olsson, Grella ( I know what you're thinking, shocking news!!), Andrews, Benjani and N'zonzi. Five injured players out of which three will be sorely missed by the fans. That is a lot for any team that is as limited in attacking options as we are. However, it could be a lot lot worse, which you will find out in about 12 seconds. Oh yes I timed it!

Here is the list of injured Tottenham players: Tom Huddlestone, Roman Pavlyuchenko, David Bentley, Robbie Keane, Aaron Lennon, Giovanni dos Santos, Ledley King, Jonathan Woodgate, Jermain Defoe, Michael Dawson and Jamie O'Hara. If you put all those players together, you would have a fine team, capable of at least a mid-table finish, although one of them would have to play as a 'keeper. It wouldn't be that different from having Gomes I guess.

However, with that in mind I went amok and put a whooping £10 on a 2-0 victory for our boys in Blue and White, which will give me some very nice £290 (knock wood). Hopeful or hopeless?

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

EPL, the circus

I'm not gonna talk much about the game, as there are other bloggers that do that far better than I can, but here is a short summary: 2-1 away win against a very in-form team, is always welcome and that goes for all teams. Although we played some booooooring football, we took the home side by storm and got in front straight away. Their goal was the usual lack of concentration, but other than that, we defended to perfection and I don't think Robbo was ever really tested..? I have been giving Roberts a lot of stick in the last couple of seasons, but in the last two games, he's came on and has been simply awesome. I can't say that I'm too bothered by his lack of celebration, or rampaging attitude, as there was a clear smile on his face, in the first seconds after the goal last night. Keep it up! All in all, a good result and fully deserved. But then there was Barton!

I have been reading people's opinions, on the matter, all day and I must say that there really are some stupid people watching football! Quotes like: "Pedersen is a sissy and deserved it", "He didn't hit him that hard" and even "Pedersen leaned into the punch and threw himself to the floor, making it look worse than it was". Errrh... it seems like it was Perdersen's fault? Personally I rate the incident alongside Cantona's infamous karate kick and Zidane's hilarious World Cup headbut. It had nothing to do with the game, or the entire sport for that matter, at all and he should be given a lot more than a three match ban! Something resembling a ban until January 1st and a massive fine would do the trick. On the receiving end though, Gamst was admirably cool!

Asked whether he was taken by surprise by the sucker punch, Gamst simply replied: "I'm here to play football..." He didn't try to get revenge on the field either, but just got on with his great display. Well done!

The Loony Toons vs Rovers wasn't the only game filled with controversy. In a 3-2 loss against Aston Villa, Ian Holloway had made 10 changes to his side since their last game. The FA are now looking into the matter and are trying to find out if it is legal or not, suggesting that Ollie was resting players, as Blackpool would have a better chance against West Ham than Aston Villa. His reaction can be heard in the link below and I must say, I agree with him and support him 100 percent! Who are they to say how he should pick his team!? Who are they to say that Blackpool stand a better chance against West Ham than against Villa? If I'm not mistaken Blackpool have had some fantastic results this season, proving that nothing is certain in the world of football. I encourage you all to listen to the interview, not only to hear his reaction, but also to hear just how silly football journalism has become.

Throw in a comment about this crazy midweek round and please do rate the post. Thank you!

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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A bag of mixed potatos

What a surprising week! First we give Chelsea a run for their money and then we have a problem with beating a very poor Wigan side, but no surprise there really. The surprise was to be found on the pitch on Saturday. More precisely among the goal scorers.

First of all , Morten scored a screamer of a goal, which I truly believe wasn't a fluke. It was hit with such power and the precision was so incredibly venomous. But even better yet Jason 'can't-hit-a-parked-double-decker-from-five-yards" Roberts hit home the winner and it was even a sitter, which we all know isn't his strong side. And yes it gets better yet! Roberts has been in the media saying, "Let me play and I will keep scoring". I fell on my buttocks laughing and I had to be rushed to the hospital, to get some oxygen as I couldn't catch my breath. True story...

In all seriousness though, I don't think many Rovers fans expected the hard working man to clinch a victory for us ever again, especially after that horrible miss against Chelsea. But credit where it's due - he got himself in the right position and, although he almost missed the goal, he capped his 23rd goal in 118 games in the Blue and White Halves. Our favorite Norwegian, alongside Henning Berg of course, scored his 39th goal in 203 games, which almost makes it one in every five games. Not that bad for a player who has been in shocking form for quiet some time. Speaking of which - what on Earth has happened to Emo!? He's been in fantastic form in the last couple of games, scoring one and assisting one so far this season, with everything pointing for more to come from Down Under!

A thing that's hopefully going down under, is the horrible rumor about our favorite youngster Phil 'back-off-or-I'll-take-the-ball-from-you' Jones. He's being linked with every team in the league, with more money to spend than Rovers... Eeerh... let's just say every team in the league. A sum of £10 mill has been reported, which would be to spend in Januaru, although I very much doubt, that Jonesy would be willing to take his career a step in the wrong direction. On the other side of rumor-mill, Rovers are being linked everyone who's scoring a couple of goals at the moment. Among those is Russian striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, who Rovers almost signed two years ago. He signed for Stuttgart instead but was considered a massive flop last season. He has however managed to score five goals in his last seven games, alerting heavyweight clubs such as Man Utd and even Blackburn Rovers.

Over and out

Friday, 5 November 2010

135 years of class!

First of all - Happy birthday all Rovers fans! Today on November 5th, 2010 is Rovers's 135th birthday. In those 135 years, we have witnessed a lot of ups and downs and that is what today's post will be about.

Little more than a month after its founding, Rovers played their first match. It ended in a 1-1 draw. Three years later, along with 22 other clubs, Lancashire Football Association was formed. After only seven years Blackburn played in its first FA Cup final, although now so famous, Old Etonians won. The first trophy was won in 1884, the second in '85 and the third in '86. The club was awarded with a silver shield along with the privilege to have the crest on the corner flags. The first season of professional football was 1885-86 in which Blackburn spent a whooping £615 on player wages! That's almost enough to cover an entire half a day's wages for a below average EPL player nowadays

In 1888 Blackburn were founder members of the Football League and in 1890 Ewood Park became the clubs permanent home. The FA Cup was won for a 5th time already in 1891. 1897 was Bob Crompton's first season at the club, the first of 45 which included League Champions twice and winning the FA Cup for the 6th time in 1928! In 1905 the Darwen End was built, for a mesmerizing £1680, which nowadays will get you about a handful of gummy bears!

Rovers didn't win a single major trophy in nearly 70 years. But then came our savior - Jack Walker - and it took him and Kenny Dalglish only four years to get the team from the Second Division to Premiership Champions. A footballing feat shadowed by none. In 1992 the club signed Alan Shearer for a record £3.5 mill, making it's intentions to become the club in the country clear to everyone.

In 1994-95 Blackburn won their first top league title in 81 years. Since then there have been a lot of ups and downs, including relegation in '99, the death of Jack Walker in '00, promotion in '01 and League Cup glory in '02 and most recently the passing of Ronnie Clayton. In the last ten years, we have seen players like Damien Duff, Tugay, Friedel, Cole, Bellamy, Roque, Salgado, Nelsen, Robbo and David Dunn - all world class players!

To top it off - 31 YEARS!!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The rumors are flowing

A couple of weeks ago, Venky's made their interest in Rovers public. Since then there have been some mixed signals, regarding their intentions with the club, including changing budgets and ambitions. Although I believe it's been a case of something being lost in translation, or just lousy journalism, there are some fans that are still a bit unsure. However I couldn't care less and this post will have absolutely nothing to do with that, as I'm as calm as ever, because I would trust John Williams with my life. No, this post will be about transfer rumors and what I think will/might be happening in January.

I think we have already been connected with three or four strikers, all fitting the bill of "battering ram". I believe/know that the entire World's population knows that we are lacking in the striking department, which makes it easy for lazy journalists to write something about us. However only one rumor has stuck with us. The man in question is 21 year old German striker Nils Petersen. The young striker managed to score 11 goals in 23 games last season and has already scored 8 goals in 9 games this season, in the second tier. Petersen has allegedly been on Rovers's radar for some time, but now rumor has it, Big Sam is preparing a bid for January. I don't know much about the guy, but in my book 8 goals in 9 games is pretty good for a 21 year old.

What I think/hope will happen, is first and foremost that we get rid of Jason 'I score goals for a living' Roberts. No matter what, you can never fault him on his effort, but effort alone isn't good enough for a striker. Then we should get another striker in (and not the other way around), maybe Petersen will do, I'll let Big Sam decide on that. Last but certainly not least, we MUST get a playmaker in. I know it isn't very popular to say that Dunny isn't enough, but he isn't fit half the time and he isn't getting any younger. Although we do have a very promising playmaker in Michael Potts, he just isn't quiet there yet. We need someone in the mold of Brett Emerton, who's strong, quick, always fit but has a better imagination/flair.

The reported price tag on Petersen's head is around £2 mill and if Big Sam's so called war chest, isn't bigger than the reported £6 mill, he only has some £4 mill left to spend on a playmaker. That obviously rules out most EPL players, so I'm sure we'll be seeing another unknown foreigner, but that has worked pretty well for us so far. With that leave you these three words.

Over and out