Thursday, 11 November 2010

EPL, the circus

I'm not gonna talk much about the game, as there are other bloggers that do that far better than I can, but here is a short summary: 2-1 away win against a very in-form team, is always welcome and that goes for all teams. Although we played some booooooring football, we took the home side by storm and got in front straight away. Their goal was the usual lack of concentration, but other than that, we defended to perfection and I don't think Robbo was ever really tested..? I have been giving Roberts a lot of stick in the last couple of seasons, but in the last two games, he's came on and has been simply awesome. I can't say that I'm too bothered by his lack of celebration, or rampaging attitude, as there was a clear smile on his face, in the first seconds after the goal last night. Keep it up! All in all, a good result and fully deserved. But then there was Barton!

I have been reading people's opinions, on the matter, all day and I must say that there really are some stupid people watching football! Quotes like: "Pedersen is a sissy and deserved it", "He didn't hit him that hard" and even "Pedersen leaned into the punch and threw himself to the floor, making it look worse than it was". Errrh... it seems like it was Perdersen's fault? Personally I rate the incident alongside Cantona's infamous karate kick and Zidane's hilarious World Cup headbut. It had nothing to do with the game, or the entire sport for that matter, at all and he should be given a lot more than a three match ban! Something resembling a ban until January 1st and a massive fine would do the trick. On the receiving end though, Gamst was admirably cool!

Asked whether he was taken by surprise by the sucker punch, Gamst simply replied: "I'm here to play football..." He didn't try to get revenge on the field either, but just got on with his great display. Well done!

The Loony Toons vs Rovers wasn't the only game filled with controversy. In a 3-2 loss against Aston Villa, Ian Holloway had made 10 changes to his side since their last game. The FA are now looking into the matter and are trying to find out if it is legal or not, suggesting that Ollie was resting players, as Blackpool would have a better chance against West Ham than Aston Villa. His reaction can be heard in the link below and I must say, I agree with him and support him 100 percent! Who are they to say how he should pick his team!? Who are they to say that Blackpool stand a better chance against West Ham than against Villa? If I'm not mistaken Blackpool have had some fantastic results this season, proving that nothing is certain in the world of football. I encourage you all to listen to the interview, not only to hear his reaction, but also to hear just how silly football journalism has become.

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