Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A bag of mixed potatos

What a surprising week! First we give Chelsea a run for their money and then we have a problem with beating a very poor Wigan side, but no surprise there really. The surprise was to be found on the pitch on Saturday. More precisely among the goal scorers.

First of all , Morten scored a screamer of a goal, which I truly believe wasn't a fluke. It was hit with such power and the precision was so incredibly venomous. But even better yet Jason 'can't-hit-a-parked-double-decker-from-five-yards" Roberts hit home the winner and it was even a sitter, which we all know isn't his strong side. And yes it gets better yet! Roberts has been in the media saying, "Let me play and I will keep scoring". I fell on my buttocks laughing and I had to be rushed to the hospital, to get some oxygen as I couldn't catch my breath. True story...

In all seriousness though, I don't think many Rovers fans expected the hard working man to clinch a victory for us ever again, especially after that horrible miss against Chelsea. But credit where it's due - he got himself in the right position and, although he almost missed the goal, he capped his 23rd goal in 118 games in the Blue and White Halves. Our favorite Norwegian, alongside Henning Berg of course, scored his 39th goal in 203 games, which almost makes it one in every five games. Not that bad for a player who has been in shocking form for quiet some time. Speaking of which - what on Earth has happened to Emo!? He's been in fantastic form in the last couple of games, scoring one and assisting one so far this season, with everything pointing for more to come from Down Under!

A thing that's hopefully going down under, is the horrible rumor about our favorite youngster Phil 'back-off-or-I'll-take-the-ball-from-you' Jones. He's being linked with every team in the league, with more money to spend than Rovers... Eeerh... let's just say every team in the league. A sum of £10 mill has been reported, which would be to spend in Januaru, although I very much doubt, that Jonesy would be willing to take his career a step in the wrong direction. On the other side of rumor-mill, Rovers are being linked everyone who's scoring a couple of goals at the moment. Among those is Russian striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, who Rovers almost signed two years ago. He signed for Stuttgart instead but was considered a massive flop last season. He has however managed to score five goals in his last seven games, alerting heavyweight clubs such as Man Utd and even Blackburn Rovers.

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