Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Only One Jack Walker!

This post will not be about Uncle Jack Walker or Venky's. It will be about Saturday's game and the crazy reactions it has received. The title is merely to show how I feel about the current way of our owners.

First of all, I would like to make it as clear as shot of vodka - I am disappointed by the result against West Ham. That being said, I think it is absolutely outrageous how people have reacted to the performance and the result that came with it. The number of times I have read, 'this would never have happened with Big Sam' or 'how can they justify appointing Kean, after a performance like this', is astronomical! People that were screaming for a boot in Sam's rear, are all of a sudden defending him and hoping they can get the boot back, so they can use it on his successor.

These same people have been asking for a quick tempo passing/possession game, instead of Alardyce's direct long ball game. What I am about to say, might come as a shock for these people, but you got what you asked for, the result just didn't follow.

But isn't it a bit much to ask for, when you consider all the details that add up to this utter, ridiculous chaos? I certainly think so!

First of all, Steve Kean, the players and the rest of the staff, had about 3-4 days to overcome the shock of Big Sam's 'out of the blue' dismissal. Furthermore they had to change the game plan almost from top to bottom, to please both fans and owners. Three injuries to key players also meant that Kean wasn't allowed to make any tactical changes in the second half, when West Ham pretty much took control of the game. For all this, I think our players and staff deserve something more the verbal stoning and beating.

The fans, the blood and life of the club, the owners, temporary governors, got what they asked for. They got that illusive, forward aiming, fast paced, short passing, possession football that we have been screaming for. After some 25 minutes our 'soldiers in the trenches' had some 70% of the possession and West Ham hadn't had a  half decent run at our goal.

In the second half, our players looked tired and although the Admiral managed to scramble home a goal, they looked like they were confused, whether they were playing Big Sam football, or the type of football we saw in the first half. This resulted in a lengthy West Ham attacking spell, that eventually made us concede a very good goal by any team's standard. The soldiers in Blue and White, however, took over again and got a solid goal that was dismissed for one reason only - Mike Dean. I have looked at it time and again and I really can't see anything wrong with it. There was a West Ham player that probably thought he saw a penny and dropped to the floor, hoping to have a bit more for the Christmas shoppings, but other than that there wasn't a single thing that could justify the dismissal.

All in all, I am disappointed by the draw. I always am. I expect us to win every single fixture and anyone that is satisfied with a draw, lacks a very fundamental thing in football and life in general - winner mentality. That been said, I'm not disappointed in our boys, or our caretaker for that matter, as they were working under circumstances none of us could ever imagine.

Only One Jack Walker!

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