Saturday, 11 December 2010

I am Sam

Great movie isn't it? I think it's bloody brilliant! Oh well, that's not what this is about. Let's pretend, just for one moment, that I am Big Sam. What will be on my to do list come January?

January 1st, 2011 - 00:00.01. Make new year resolution to lose 20 pounds... again.

Oh well jokes aside. We all know that we are desperately lacking players in two thirds of the field - midfield and attack. After all the papers and fans alike have been telling us for months/years, that we need someone with a touch of class in midfield and someone lethal in attack. I admit, I too was one of those fans, until very very recently.

While at work tonight, playing Football Manager 2011, enjoying massive success with MY Rovers team, I started wondering who could get that fits the so called bill. In midfield there are some players I would gladly welcome. Milijas at Wolves, Kranjcar and Bentley at Spurs to name a few. In attack I think should go abroad. Pavel Pogrebnyak or maybe Jelle Vossen from Belgium, although Vossen is young and upcoming. These are all affordable targets, although Wolves probably won't sell one of their better players to a rival team.

But then I thought, who do we have among our own players that has that touch of class? We have Dunn, Gamst, Emo, Diouf, Hoilett and Olsson. So is that really what we need? I say no. What we need is someone who can play all across the midfield and can actually stay fit. Just an average player, although a world class player is preferable. Our team is by no means short of creative players. It is however a bit short of fit players at the moment.

What I think we desperately need is a left back (don't think I have to explain that one) and that lethal striker. Who knows, maybe Robbie Keane is that striker, but somehow I doubt that he would make a big difference.

Over and out

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