Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Duracell Torch

The Blue and White Halves has been gathering dust for quite a while. Now I have finally decided to take out my imaginary Swiffer (Google it if don’t know it) and dust off the ol' gal'. I will of course mostly focus on the best team in chicken farm, but every now and again, there will be a post on some of the other teams in the EPL, La Liga and possibly even the dodgy UEFA, FIFA or FA.

So where to start? This is the first post since the January transfer window slammed, but all the drama at Ewood Park has been so well documented, that one might think the media doesn't like our little club, boxing out of our weight class. Anyway here's a little recap of the last 10 months - we got some players in on loan, signed two incredible young talents, played some horrible football, barely survived, didn't manage to sign JJ, lost PJ, started the new season horribly, signed some players, played more horrible football, won one match, a lot of people started booing, a airplane flew over Ewood Park and the media chose SK's side.

In all seriousness though, things have been looking horribly bleak and at times the candle at the end of the tunnel has gone out. BUT - thank God for buts - I think our beloved owners just might have found a torch running on Duracell. Although it is very early to be making this call, I can't help but feel, that since Paul Clement arrived, our performances have improved by a gazillion percent (and that is a lot!).

The game against Man City was horrible, weirdly enough resulting in Jensen getting the boot. The one against QPR wasn't that bad but ultimately not good enough. A day after Clement's arrival, the lads put on a great performance against high-flying Spurs, but the lack of ruthlessness meant we were left disappointed. Then came a monstrously good performance against the only unbeaten team in the Football Leagues and an equally good performance against Norwich, in which the ref obviously didn't want us to win. The last game against Chelsea wasn't half bad, but ultimately it didn't give us any points.

But what has changed in the very short time since Jensen's departure? For starters the vastly unfruitful partnership of the Zonz and the Serb, has been tweaked and turned into a very impressive partnership between the Zonz and Gamst. Nzonzi has done the dirty work, tackling and chasing, while Gamst has done the pretty stuff, passing and shooting. Out on the wings Rochina and Hoilett have been tearing up defenders with pace and trickery. Up front we have seen two strikers in the Yak and Gato. At the back - right back to be exact - Lowe has slotted in beautifully, making damn sure we haven't missed Salgado's impeccable lack of pace. But most importantly, the players seem to be playing for each other.

When Kean was appointed, we were promised that the football would be far more pleasing on the eye. What we got however was a circus. We were dropping points as if it was in fashion. Let's just say, that the overnight shift from Big Sam's hoofball to Steve Kean's supposed free-flowing football didn't work out as planned. But now there seems to have been a change in either the players attitude or possibly a change in the instructions they're receiving.

As I said, it might be a little bit to early to make this call, but I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. From what I've seen in the last couple of weeks, I think Paul Clement just might be the right dose for our insanely optimistic Steve Kean.

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