Friday, 7 January 2011

We hate you, we love you, we hate you, we looove you!

Being manager of the greatest team in the World is never going to be easy. The fans are extremely picky, and rightfully so, the team never gets appreciation for any performances from the media and for some silly reason, the club seems to have a hard time of holding on to it's best players. If you then add all the controversy that has surrounded the appointment of Steve Kean, managing Blackburn Rovers just might be the most difficult job in the World!

From day one everyone has been against our new manager. "He's absolutely useless", "He hasn't got a clue", "He has no experience", "He is actually Spider Pig" and so on were among the comments he got. Well, maybe not the last one, but you get my point. Admittedly I may be the owner of one or two such comments.

After a draw against West Ham and defeat against Stoke, people were screaming for his head and some were even building gallows in their garage. Three days later a rare and very good and spirited away win against West Brum took the pressure of for a little while. People laid down their megaphones and hammers thinking there might be hope for him after all. That didn't last long though, as rumors of unrest in the dressing room appeared and a horrible performance against Sunderland, had people storming back to the garage and timber and nails were once more the most sold items in Lancashire.

Then came the visit of Liverpool. After their last minute win against West Ham, people were fearing another 7-1 defeat. Kean however had other plans. He fielded a very offensive minded 442 formation, with lightning pace on the wings. At half time Rovers were up 2-0 and after Scuba Steve had sent financial aid to Burnley, in the shape of a Premier League ball, Rovers won 3-1. As fans were singing "can we play you ever week", the media a.k.a Alan Hansen & co. said that the result was purely down to a sh*tty Liverpool performance. Unlike Hansen, Lineker had actually watched the game and tried his best to give the Rovers players some credit, although it wasn't nearly as much as they deserved.

Personally I don't really know how I feel about Kean myself, although I do love him for what he did to Liverpool - if only it was the last game of the season and it was the game put Liverpool alongside The Scum in the Campionships. I think we should reserve our judgment until he has had some time to get some new faces in and has put a real stamp on the style of play. After all we gave a much less experienced Mark Hughes a lot more time than Kean has had so far.

Once again the noise of hammers and nails are back to normal, but for how long?

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  1. You're absolutely right there to reserve judgement on Steve Kean. I think most should back as they are too quick and judgemental on writing due to it being his first stint in management. All managers have gotta start somewhere haven't they? The best thing to do for any Rovers fan is to get behind him and show their support.

    Anyways, great performance from Rovers. I know Liverpool were rubbish which many football fans and the media highlighted. More were criticising their performance than praising Blackburn's qualities in the game. It's always the case when smaller teams beat bigger teams - home or away.

    Olsson, Benjani and Hoillet were awesome.

    I was more than happy to write about our dazzling win against Liverpool.
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  2. An excellent article mate. light humoured and serious at the same time. We can hope for the best and with more performances like that the future will be looking good.