Sunday, 9 January 2011

Return of the 'sewer rat'

First of, I just want to say that I'm very happy with the result today, as QPR are a decent team and our team is being stretched beyond the limit at the moment.

However, there was one very sad incident, which ended with Givet and Mackie being stretchered off. Mackie has unfortunately broken his leg in two places and I sincerely wish the best in his recovery. But the shit really hit the fan, when EH Diouf allegedly went to insult Mackie, while he was still lying on ground hurting. This resulted in Neil Warnock feeling the need to call him 'below a sewer rat'.

I haven't seen the incident myself and until I do, I'll reserve judgement. That being said, I would take Neil's word for much. Now you might ask me why and here's the reason:

Oh and one more thing - a little thank you to Diouf, for his assist tonight ;)

Over and out


  1. and thanks to Danny Mayfield for reminding me of the clip.

  2. No problem for the link, everyone should know what Warnocks like, pathetic human being