Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Have... to stay.... positive!

I haven't posted since on Friday, as I didn't want to join the endless convoy of rant wagons, hoping that if I waited long enough, there would be something positive to write about. It might seem like I'm desperately grasping at straws here, BUT I have found some things worthy to write about... I think.

First of all, there were positives with the United game. One of our many bright talents got his first Premier League game and while other players were hanging with there heads, he showed real will and managed to set up our goal, with a magnificent cross. He really grabbed the opportunity with both hands and I actually think that he should be starting against Wolves. Both as recognition for his effort and as a penalty for the other players's woeful appearance.

The following could be seen as a positive and as a negative, but since I have set out to write something positive, I have chosen to see it as such. His absence has proven that Gamst is absolutely invaluable to our team, as we desperately missed his long throws, passings and set-piece ability. Of course it's not a good thing to rely so much on one player, but it proves that he has returned to the form that caught the attention of the entire World. I'm not even joking with that one. If we are to challenge for Europe, which apparently is the goal of the Rao's, he will be a key player.

Just as much as Gamst is a key player, Chimbonda is not! Don't get me wrong, I will always remember him for the goal against Scum and that alone was well worth what we payed for him. BUT he is at most a back up player and I feel that we have seen the best of him. I hope he leaves in January, for our AND his own good. Have I gone negative? Absolutely not. If this wasn't brought to our attention now, we might have relied on him for later games, against teams that are in and around where we want to be. So it's all good ;)

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  1. Keep going on this buddy, some good perspective if you leave it a few days sometimes!