Monday, 6 December 2010

Correction - Winning IS everything!

Time and again, you'll hear Newcastle fans stating that winning isn't everything in the world of football. Football is about passes and bla bla bla. I can only think of one reason why a football fan would ever say such a ludicrous thing - they haven't experienced winning! And if, by any chance, you are a Toon fan - the Championships don't count! Anyway, this won't be about anything connected to any small club, but only, as usual, one of the true big 4. One of the four teams that have actually won the league!

What made me start on this post, was the re-appearance of Anuradha Desai's comments about football vs. entertainment. The comment really pissed me off to say the least! Now I don't know about you, but to me there's nothing more satisfying than a victory and if it's gained by playing fast, forward play with a few passes and a shot, then you won't hear me complain. Yes I like direct "Sam Alardyce" football! Football with real men, as Salgado put it, that aren't afraid of a challenge and are willing to work their ass to pieces for their club. However, you'll hear me whine like a little girl, if my beloved Rovers manage to stitch some 1,563 passes together, in and around the middle of the park, without being able to score, rolling around on the floor and crying for a free-kick. That to me is not entertainment, but merely a waste of precious time!

What I'm trying to say is, that if we were to sack Sam Alardyce because of fast, direct, effective football and appoint someone like... someone like... Paul Ince who got our players playing this so called"entertaining football", then the Rao family will lose my support!

But until then, all is good at Camp Rovers and I'm looking forward to a very productive December, with at least 12 points.

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