Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The rumors are flowing

A couple of weeks ago, Venky's made their interest in Rovers public. Since then there have been some mixed signals, regarding their intentions with the club, including changing budgets and ambitions. Although I believe it's been a case of something being lost in translation, or just lousy journalism, there are some fans that are still a bit unsure. However I couldn't care less and this post will have absolutely nothing to do with that, as I'm as calm as ever, because I would trust John Williams with my life. No, this post will be about transfer rumors and what I think will/might be happening in January.

I think we have already been connected with three or four strikers, all fitting the bill of "battering ram". I believe/know that the entire World's population knows that we are lacking in the striking department, which makes it easy for lazy journalists to write something about us. However only one rumor has stuck with us. The man in question is 21 year old German striker Nils Petersen. The young striker managed to score 11 goals in 23 games last season and has already scored 8 goals in 9 games this season, in the second tier. Petersen has allegedly been on Rovers's radar for some time, but now rumor has it, Big Sam is preparing a bid for January. I don't know much about the guy, but in my book 8 goals in 9 games is pretty good for a 21 year old.

What I think/hope will happen, is first and foremost that we get rid of Jason 'I score goals for a living' Roberts. No matter what, you can never fault him on his effort, but effort alone isn't good enough for a striker. Then we should get another striker in (and not the other way around), maybe Petersen will do, I'll let Big Sam decide on that. Last but certainly not least, we MUST get a playmaker in. I know it isn't very popular to say that Dunny isn't enough, but he isn't fit half the time and he isn't getting any younger. Although we do have a very promising playmaker in Michael Potts, he just isn't quiet there yet. We need someone in the mold of Brett Emerton, who's strong, quick, always fit but has a better imagination/flair.

The reported price tag on Petersen's head is around £2 mill and if Big Sam's so called war chest, isn't bigger than the reported £6 mill, he only has some £4 mill left to spend on a playmaker. That obviously rules out most EPL players, so I'm sure we'll be seeing another unknown foreigner, but that has worked pretty well for us so far. With that leave you these three words.

Over and out

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