Saturday, 27 November 2010

Match performances

Let's just get straight to it! It's the usual 10 being the best 0 the worst.

Robbo - 4  - got some saves, one or two were fantastic, but was let down by the defense!

Salgado - 6 - one of three players who gave a damn!

Nelly - 3 - he tried, but that was just too many goals

Samba - 3 - why? One goal can't make up for that horror show!

Chimbonda - 1 - Absolutely outrageously awful, but gets a 1 for showing up.

Jones - 6 - He gave his all, but was let down by his team mates.

Emo - 4 - nothing wrong nothing right.

Dunn - 2 - too slow, too heavy and was just too lazy and just an all round awful performance!

Goulon - 4 - was the victim of a panic subbing, but didn't impress while he was on...

Diouf - 4 - gave too many passes away.

Roberts - 3 - was he there? I didn't notice him, but since he was on the starting sheet, I guess he must get a grade...

Hoilett - 5 - pace, skills and tried to get forward, but nothing really payed off...

Morris - 8 - a fine debut... a definite player for the future. some good crosses and a fine assist! Should absolutely get more time on the field!

Linganzi - 5 - no one deserves a debut like that, but he didn't really show up in the same way as morris did.

To sum it up - I honestly think that if I were a United fan, I would have left early! That's how horrible we were!! But let's end it in a positive way - I can only get better...

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